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  • To make your first deposit and start earning, you have to be registered user on the website of | Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Doubler Platform | UK PAY LIMITED. You should have your personal account which you will be able to make an investment in the cryptocurrency markets, get daily profits on an ongoing basis and withdraw then as well as use affiliate link and agent's tools to increase your income. Registration process is quite simple and fast enough. Just specify your personal details and Bitcoin address. It's free and doesn't require any email confirmation or some your documents.
  • To make a deposit, simply log into your membership account details (i.e combination of your username and password). When you are logged in, from your account panel, locate "Make a Deposit", the deposit form will be displayed where you choose the investment plan that interest you, enter the amount you would like to deposit and click on the "Continue" button. Once the button is clicked, you will be directed to a page asking you to confirm your deposit, click on the "Confirm Deposit" button. Upon the deposit confirmation process, you will be redirected to the payment processor website, where you are required to log in to effect your deposit transaction, depending on the e-currency wallet you are using and the payment processor company. Once the payment has been made, please click on "Return To Merchant" and you will be directed to our official company's website. At this stage your deposit will be credited to the investment plan you had chosen, and should equally reflect in our system under your account panel as your "Active Deposit".
  • Your profit is accrued After 1 DAY on the BASIC PLAN. After 1 Day as well on the SPEED PLAN and AFTER 3 DAYS on the GURU PLAN - Please note that your investment will work on an ongoing basis until the particular days of that plan is completed. It means that once you make a deposit it will bring you profits on the day your earnings stops either AFTER 1 DAY or AFTER 3 DAYS depending on the Investment plan you invest on. You would have to withdraw your eanrings and make a re-deposit again to keep enjoying Premium Earnings accrued to your investment. After your earnings are accrued, use "Withdraw" function to make withdrawal request. Before that, make sure you set correct Payment address in your account settings. All payments are non-refundable and if you make a mistake we can't help you. Your withdrawal request will be processed automatically and instantly.